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USB Host & Device Development Essential Training with CubeMX(Pack)

10+ hours | Complete Source Code Included

1. USB Device Development Essential Training with CubeMX

Discover the Art of USB Device Development: Harness the Power of Universal Connectivity

The USB Device Development Essential Training  is the first course in our USB Firmware Engineering Learning Path.

This course provides practical learning experience designed for engineers and students who want to get started with learning how to develop robust and modern USB devices.

Discover the Art of USB Device Development: Harness the Power of Universal Connectivity

This course offers a complete overview of USB technology, along with hands-on coding exercises and best practices to empower you with the skills and knowledge required to create innovative and high-performing USB devices.

Throughout this course, we will explore the following topics:

    USB Fundamentals

    Dive into the history, evolution, specifications, and standards of USB technology.

    USB Terminology and Topology

    Understand essential terms, concepts, and the structure of USB systems, including device classes, descriptors, endpoints, and data flow types.

    USB Device Classes

    Gain insights into standard and custom device classes, such as HID, CDC, MSC, Audio/Video, and DFU.

    USB STM32 USB Device Library:

    Discover the architecture, core files, and device classes supported by the STM32 USB Device Library.

    Implementing USB device classes on STM32: 

     Practical hands-on examples of various device class implementations, including HID, MSC, CDC, Audio, DFU, and Custom Device Class.

    Developing Practical USB Devices: 

    -Developing the CDC Communication Device
    -Devloping the HID Mouse Device
    -Developing the HID Keyboard Device
    -Developing the Custom HID Device
    -Developing the Mass Storage Device
    -Developing the DFU Device

    USB device library configuration and debugging: 

    Learn about the configuration options, debugging techniques, and best practices for USB device development.
    Upon completing this course, you will have a solid foundation in USB device development, enabling you to bring your ideas to life and make a significant impact in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

    2. USB Host Development Essential Training with CubeMX

    The Other Side of the Coin: Creating and Managing USB Host Systems

    This course complements our USB Device Development Essential Training, offering a holistic approach to mastering both sides of the USB ecosystem.
    By completing both courses, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of USB technology, enabling you to create robust and efficient USB systems that cater to a wide range of applications.

    While USB devices are peripherals that connect to a host (like a computer) to perform specific functions, USB hosts control and manage these devices, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer.

    Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the fascinating world of USB host development, and learn the essential skills to create advanced, high-performance USB host systems that power the digital world.

    In this course we shall develop USB Hosts such as the HID Host, CDC Host and Mass Storage Host.
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