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Embedded Google Cloud <> Python Gateway 

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Empowering IoT with Google Cloud: A Deep Dive into Industry-Leading Cloud Services

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with our practical course that marries the world of embedded systems with the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In the increasingly interconnected landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), this course is an essential asset for engineers, IT professionals, data analysts, and technology enthusiasts.

It's no secret that Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are the three industry-leading giants in cloud services, trusted by companies worldwide for their robustness, scalability, and versatility. 

This course specifically focuses on Google Cloud, giving you hands-on experience with the tools, services, and best practices that have made it a top choice for professionals in the IoT industry.

Empowering Embedded Devices with Cloud Storage : Google Cloud Storage
Through this course, you will:

Leverage Python for Effective Communication:

Harness the power of Python for UART communication, from scripting to error detection and handling, preparing you for the real-world challenges of IoT applications.

Navigate the World of Google Cloud Platform:

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of GCP, from setting up an account to understanding the suite of services it offers. Learn to configure credentials, install the Google Cloud Storage package, and much more.

Master  Google Cloud Storage:

Master the operations of Google's cloud storage service, from creating storage buckets and managing their contents, to file uploads and downloads.

Appreciate the Role of Databases in IoT:

Gain insights into the variety of databases, their role in IoT systems, and the distinct characteristics of SQL and NoSQL databases. Understand the pros and cons of cloud-based versus local databases.

Immerse Yourself in Google Firebase NoSQL Database:

Dive deep into Firebase, Google's NoSQL database service. Learn to create, populate, and retrieve data from tables, equipping you with the tools to handle massive real-time data influx in IoT systems.

Evaluate Considerations for Google Cloud Usage:

 Unveil the key considerations when using Google Cloud Storage and Firebase, including pricing, scalability, and more.

Bring Your Skills to Life by Analyzing some Real-World Case Studies

Analyze some real-life IoT scenarios, ranging from quality control in production lines to laboratory equipment monitoring, and more.
Whether you're a beginner in IoT, a professional looking to augment your skills, or a hobbyist passionate about technology, this course will equip you with the skills to implement IoT solutions using Google Cloud. Step into the future of IoT with us as we explore the fascinating world of Google Cloud Platform.
A little about me : Israel Ninsaw Gbati
Some of you may have taken some of my embedded systems courses from other online platforms. 
This is my private channel. 

I have been writing embedded firmware for years, I have built embedded devices like consumer products and robotic arms.
Till date I have 
trained over 100,000 students in embedded
 firmware development online till date
...including third year undergraduate university students in-person.

If you have taken any of my courses before you will know I start from the absolute basics, I do not assume that the student has any prior knowledge of the topic under discussion. You will also know that by the end of the course you understand the functions of every register used in developing the particular firmware or driver.

This method is the same for all of my published embedded systems courses. 

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      This course teaches you how to build real-time applications using Micrium's uC /OS-III, one of the most popular industry grade real-time operating systems for embedded systems.  

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