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Embedded AZURE Cloud <> Python Gateway 

Complete Source Code Included

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Empowering Embedded Devices with Cloud Storage : AZURE

Microsoft Azure is one of the three leading giants in the cloud service industry, sharing the stage with AWS and Google Cloud. 

With its vast array of services and robust infrastructure, Azure has earned a reputation as a preferred choice for IoT solutions across industries. This course provides you with an opportunity to understand why and how.

This course offers:

An Overview of Microsoft Azure: 

Familiarize yourself with Azure, from creating storage accounts to configuring dependencies and access keys.
Working with Azure Storage:

Learn to handle Azure storage effectively. Discover how to create containers, upload and download files, and even manage container deletion.
In-depth Understanding of Azure CosmosDB NoSQL Database Service: 

Dive into CosmosDB, Azure's NoSQL database service. Learn to create databases and containers, insert and retrieve data, preparing you for real-world IoT data management.
Building an Embedded Azure Cloud Storage System:

Put your knowledge into practice by storing sensor data into local CSV files, pushing these files to Azure storage containers, and storing real-time sensor data in CosmosDB.
Considerations for Azure Usage:

Understand the key considerations when using Azure storage and CosmosDB, including pricing, scalability, and more.
Whether you're new to IoT, a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your skills, or a tech hobbyist, this course will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to implement IoT solutions using Azure. Join us on a fascinating exploration of the Azure ecosystem, and step confidently into the future of IoT.
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